April 06, 2020

About Corona-Jams

Corona-Jams is a new, mini-blog series from Souda where we're sharing with you some of our favorite and most frequently played albums during quarantine. 

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Corona-Jams #1: Sunshower by Taeko Ohnuki

Today we're starting a new (and hopefully short-lived) series of mini-blog posts called Corona-Jams, where we'll be sharing an album that we've been listening to recently as we work from home. Our hope is that it will bring a few moments of joy to your day in these otherwise trying times.

Today's choice is the album 'Sunshower' by Japanese artist Taeko Ohnuki. Released in 1977, 'Sunshower' is an early example of city pop, a Japan-specific genre from the late 70's and early 80's that's characterized by a fushion of pop, jazz, and funk music.

So without further ado, we present 'Sunshower' as our Corona-Jam #1.