• At Souda, we're huge fans of clustered pendant lights! A few of our pendants (shown below) have standardized cluster configurations that allow for you to group the fixtures in a multitude of shapes and sizes. All of our other pendant lights can be customized to be suspended from larger canopies as a custom option. Our standardized clusters use either a white metal canopy that attaches to the ceiling and allows you to hang as many as 12 pendants from a single location or they use swag hardware to place lights away from the J box. Depending on the number of pendants, we have options to hang the lights off of circular, square, or rectangular canopies.
    • What type of canopy do your clustered pendant lights use?
      It depends on the light. With the Kawa Series, we use a custom-made metal canopy that attaches directly to the ceiling. The electrical cable on each pendant suspends from the canopy. All of the wiring is hidden inside the canopy.

      With Dana, each pendant light suspends directly from the ceiling using an aircraft cable. The electrical cable is swagged so that it can be redirected towards the ceiling canopy. With this type of canopy, the electrical cable becomes a graphic element of the light.

      What size of clustered pendants do you offer?
      With our Kawa Pendants, we make canopies that can accommodate up to 12 lights or as few as three lights. The largest canopy is over 30 inches in diameter. The smallest clustered pendant has a canopy of 14 inches in diameter. With the Dana lights, the size of the cluster is determined during the installation. Since each pendant is swagged you can configure them close together or spread out. A cluster of three might be used to cover a 4-5 ft diameter while a cluster of five could be used to cover up to a 15ft diameter.

      Do you offer any clusters that aren't shown below?
      We love to do custom lighting projects and customizing our own peaces is often the easiest. If you see a light fixture on our lighting page that isn't currently available as a cluster, we can probably make it into a clustered configuration. Additionally, if you have an idea for a clustered pendant light of your own, we are happy to provide you with a quote on the cost of fabricating it.

      Are your light fixtures UL listed?
      Presently we list each fixture with UL on a per order basis. For most pieces there is an added cost of $50 for UL listing. If you would like your light UL listed, please contact us prior to placing an order and we can send you an invoice that includes any additional costs.

      Are your lights intended for residential or commercial usage?
      Both. All of Souda’s light fixtures are appropriate for residential or commercial use. Our light fixtures are frequently used restaurants, hotels, startup offices, private residences, and more. To see our fixtures in physical spaces check out our Instagram for install shots.