• Industrial, organic and sculptural, the Kreten Side Tables are concrete furniture like you haven’t seen before. Original pieces are created in Souda's Brooklyn studio by casting concrete into a spandex mold. The unique material combination delivers forms that are sure to make a statement in interiors and exteriors alike.
    • Dimensions
      Tall Table: W 14" x L 11" x H 21" / W 35.5cm x L 28cm x H 53.5cm, Top Surface is 11" in Diameter
      Short Table: W 15" x L 10.5" x H 17" / W 38cm x L 27cm x H 43cm
      Fiberglass-reinforced concrete, felt, steel
      Each Kreten Side Table is completely unique. Air Bubbles and color variations are a natural part of cast cement.
      Spec Sheet
    • Is the concrete sealed?
      The tables receive a light sealant prior to shipping. If you are especially concerned about spills, red wine marks, etc, we recommend adding a further layer of protection by applying a concrete countertop wax to the tables.

      Can the tables chip?
      Yes. Concrete is a much more fragile material than most people assume. The tables can be chipped if they are not handled with care.

      How are they shipped? Do the tables arrive in a wooden crate?
      The tables ship via common courier using cardboard packaging and packing peanuts. The tables are relatively easy to unbox and do not require any specific tools.

      Can the Kreten Side Tables be used as outdoor tables?
      Yes. The Kreten tables are well suited for the outdoors. They are frequently utilized as poolside tables, garden stools, or patio furniture. When used outside we recommend that the tables receive and extra sealant in the form of a concrete countertop wax, which can be purchased from most hardware stores.

      Will the table scratch my hardwood floor?
      Each table has a felt base attached to the cement body. This means that the tables can be placed on a wood/stone/tile surface without the concern of potentially scratching your floor.

      Are the tables easy to move? How heavy are they?
      Each table weighs approximately 50 lbs / 23 kg. Due to their organic shape, they are surprisingly easy to carry. The weight can also be advantageous when used outdoors since the tables are unlikely to be affected by the wind.

      Can I sit on the them?
      Yes. The shorter of the two tables, in particular, is purchased regularly for use as a garden stool or for outside seating. Both tables are quite strong and can be used as stools.

      How are these used in a space?
      The Kreten, most specifically, would be considered an occasional table. Accordingly, they have a number of applications depending on the type of space. In living rooms, the Kreten tables are frequently used as side tables, end tables, and occasionally as stands for large plants. In bedrooms, Kreten are most frequently utilized as nightstands or bedside tables. The Kreten tables are used outdoors on a regular basis as poolside furniture, on balconies/patios, or for use as garden stools. They are built to a commercial grade and find their way into hotels, fashion boutiques, resorts, and more. The Kreten tables are surprisingly adaptable. They fit into a diverse assortment of spaces, from modern city lofts to more traditional, rural homes.

      Aesthetically, how would you describe the Kreten?
      We see the Kreten Side Table as modern, sculptural piece. The organic form is very-much derived from the process in which it was made. The shape is reminiscent of the work of a few mid-century designers, but the final product product is decidedly contemporary in its materiality. The resulting tables end up feeling at home in a surprisingly wide variety of interior & exterior spaces.

      Do you make any other cement products?
      Currently, the only other item we make in this material is a concrete candelabra that is also part of the Kreten Series called the Kreten Candelabra. Much like the tables, the candleholder is organic, modern, and has a very unusual form.