Kawa Vases Set of 3
White, Porcelain

Design by Luft Tanaka

Ships in 4-6 weeks

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Embrace those wrinkles; Love thy folds. From tall & skinny to short & squat, this set of 3 Kawa Vases revels in variety. No two are quite the same - a result of the unique production method where liquid porcelain is cast into leather molds. A little reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Available Vases: Kawa Vase 12, Kawa Vase 16, Kawa Vase Set of 3


D 5.5” x H 18”
D 5" x H 13"
D 7.5" x H 7.5"




Produced by Luft Tanaka Studio


Spec Sheet

Kawa Porcelain Vases by Luft Tanaka